fredag 17 februari 2012

Wild West dio

First! Welcome Ray! and

This was in a duel against Pascal at Benno's. I won, but I liked Pacal's entry better. I think they tell us at least something about us. I have a tendency to overdo it and Pascal is a gentle person. Over to the pics! Among the citizens worth mentioning this time is the mayor, Cornelius T. Babblaloss who have a tendency to talk a lot. Here he welcomes the circus. But we start with a scale comparison :-D

And here is a night picture. You can see a statue of this town's biggest sponsor and his dog among the trees. :-D

The clown. It all started with him and a sharp-shooter, but the sharp-shooter was changed to a more passive one.

The children, from Preiser, was painted last year and it was a real test to see if my eyes were going old. And, yes, they are. The grownup Preisers were painted 15-20 years ago.

The plastic bases under the figures are not nice, but it is a way for me (with restricted space) to make big dios with the same base. The houses aren't fixed either. Just the trees and the grass.

At first I thought that the cook from Strelets' Medieval Britain would look too big, but he fits pretty well with the much smaller preiser figures. Sherriff Lucky Lopez seem to be a bit late to the welcoming committee.

And here we see the town council welcoming the circus.

måndag 13 februari 2012

The magic lute, my dog, some dancers and me (some W.I.P.)

First, Welcome James (Bear).

Working on my magic lute figures. Hopefully I can make this to a little serial thing. More Valdemar sets are needed and will hopefully be bought and painted before I can show all of it properly. And some kind of story is developing in the back of my mind. Inspiration? Smurf's, some old Swedish myths about a devilish fiddler, and some more stories. Me and my dog are probably not going there, but will get our own little permanent base. Maybe I'll buy one more set of me and Valter and add to some of the scenes with the magic lute. Dancers are Zvezda and Airfix, lute-player is Paul (Valdemar-set).



And Sir Toby is mentioned here!


tisdag 7 februari 2012

We are traveling in a new fashion

Haven't tried this kind of travel before, but it feels kinda cozy. Me and Valter are going to Valter's breeder. The missus didn't want to join us. So it's just me and Valter in a matchbox. :-D

Vork In Progress (V.I.P.)

Yes, I know I spell it wrong. But I'm planning to use a VIP in this little work (which will be at least a couple of dios/vignettes). Need more Valdemar sets so it will take a while. And what is the smurf doing there? Well, the first time the smurfs appeared anywhere was in an album about a magic flute and I'm planning to do something about a magic lute (don't have any smurfs in the right size). Haven't the story clear yet, but I hope I will get there in the end. Orc and goblin are from Prince August's fantasy moulds. Still have the moulds and tin but don't have the time to cast new ones so these old will have to do even though you have seen them before. Have to give Paul a base too I think.

måndag 6 februari 2012

Wimoweh (Last update?)

Soon finished with my little African dio! I hope!

In the tub (mild nudity!)

Alex's marvelous bathers! Really like this set and I can understand that people start to collect them!

Other views:

I think they are pretty rich 'cause they even hired the famous "SilverSinger with the Golden Voice"! And he's not cheap!

And now some total nudity!

fredag 3 februari 2012

A review at Fredericus Rex

I just saw a review of Valdemar's new Pilgrim-set at Fredericus Rex (the shop where you can buy most of Valdemar's sets). It is in German, but being as good in German as I am I used Google Translator to get a hang of what was written. . The monk being scared by the dog was a new thought for me. Since I know the source for the dog I've always put him with the knight (which I also know the source for). It was very nice and refreshing to see this review and I look very much forward to see this set painted by others (haven't started with mine yet) too.

torsdag 2 februari 2012

A little update. Again without pics.

We've got some sleep the last nights (not enough, but at least 2-3 hours more) so we feel a little better. All we have to worry about now is the snow. Will the missus get to work or will she get stuck in the snow somewhere? Right now it's no problem, but if we get more snow it will be a problem. Painted my stones. Haven't decided if they're finished before a little wash (no, I'm not going to wash away the paint, I'm going to add a little wash off course). Painted four stones, but only need two at the most. What to do? Ah, start a new little project. :-D Pics here when I start it!