fredag 3 februari 2012

A review at Fredericus Rex

I just saw a review of Valdemar's new Pilgrim-set at Fredericus Rex (the shop where you can buy most of Valdemar's sets). It is in German, but being as good in German as I am I used Google Translator to get a hang of what was written. . The monk being scared by the dog was a new thought for me. Since I know the source for the dog I've always put him with the knight (which I also know the source for). It was very nice and refreshing to see this review and I look very much forward to see this set painted by others (haven't started with mine yet) too.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Yes a very good set!!! a nice dog with a strange guy!!
    No translator, Gunnar! click on the little UK flag for English!!
    or direct :

    ( must learn how to insert a link in your posts !!)

  2. The translator didn't work for me so I thought that there only was a German version. What was wrong with the link? Works fine here and I used the tool for inserting a link. But apparently somewhere I went wrong. The computers have not been very friendly to me sometimes.