måndag 13 februari 2012

The magic lute, my dog, some dancers and me (some W.I.P.)

First, Welcome James (Bear).

Working on my magic lute figures. Hopefully I can make this to a little serial thing. More Valdemar sets are needed and will hopefully be bought and painted before I can show all of it properly. And some kind of story is developing in the back of my mind. Inspiration? Smurf's, some old Swedish myths about a devilish fiddler, and some more stories. Me and my dog are probably not going there, but will get our own little permanent base. Maybe I'll buy one more set of me and Valter and add to some of the scenes with the magic lute. Dancers are Zvezda and Airfix, lute-player is Paul (Valdemar-set).

6 kommentarer:

  1. Nice work Gunnar! I love your dog: exactly the same than yours!! I will follow this work with my 3 eyes!

  2. Very good. the detail is awsome
    But I hope that you don't rely on only alchool to get bases for your figures or else it might get difficult if you had alot to paint in one night :-P

  3. Thanks! It was very tempting to paint him like he is. :-D Would love to see others paint us too. I know that I'm not the only one that bought a set. :-D Not totally satisfied with him, but I'm working on it. Thanks, Gowan. And no, some of the caps aren't even from alcohol. :-D

  4. Excellent work on the dog. But he has to run for that peasant. And Paul is singing :-D