fredag 17 februari 2012

Wild West dio

First! Welcome Ray! and

This was in a duel against Pascal at Benno's. I won, but I liked Pacal's entry better. I think they tell us at least something about us. I have a tendency to overdo it and Pascal is a gentle person. Over to the pics! Among the citizens worth mentioning this time is the mayor, Cornelius T. Babblaloss who have a tendency to talk a lot. Here he welcomes the circus. But we start with a scale comparison :-D

And here is a night picture. You can see a statue of this town's biggest sponsor and his dog among the trees. :-D

The clown. It all started with him and a sharp-shooter, but the sharp-shooter was changed to a more passive one.

The children, from Preiser, was painted last year and it was a real test to see if my eyes were going old. And, yes, they are. The grownup Preisers were painted 15-20 years ago.

The plastic bases under the figures are not nice, but it is a way for me (with restricted space) to make big dios with the same base. The houses aren't fixed either. Just the trees and the grass.

At first I thought that the cook from Strelets' Medieval Britain would look too big, but he fits pretty well with the much smaller preiser figures. Sherriff Lucky Lopez seem to be a bit late to the welcoming committee.

And here we see the town council welcoming the circus.

4 kommentarer:

  1. .... can just say: Bravo!!!
    It's a very good work and I like the unusual subject. A lot of figures!
    (but now, Gunnar, I WANT my revenge!!)


  2. Thanks! Revenge? Check your email. :-D

  3. A well deserved win Gunnar. A great mix of figures and some nice conversions.