tisdag 7 februari 2012

Vork In Progress (V.I.P.)

Yes, I know I spell it wrong. But I'm planning to use a VIP in this little work (which will be at least a couple of dios/vignettes). Need more Valdemar sets so it will take a while. And what is the smurf doing there? Well, the first time the smurfs appeared anywhere was in an album about a magic flute and I'm planning to do something about a magic lute (don't have any smurfs in the right size). Haven't the story clear yet, but I hope I will get there in the end. Orc and goblin are from Prince August's fantasy moulds. Still have the moulds and tin but don't have the time to cast new ones so these old will have to do even though you have seen them before. Have to give Paul a base too I think.

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