onsdag 10 juni 2015

Latest addistion to my very humble LBH-library

The very small LittleBigHorn-library is growing. Very slowly and unsteady, but growing. Latest addition is Troopers with Custer by E.A. Brininstool. As with the other books I will read it. Eventually, got some other books to read too.

onsdag 3 juni 2015

Making a djungle

Hi again! This blog is apparently very much asleep. Have realised that the Gataskog-dio will be huge so it will have to wait a little. Maybe a couple of different scenes. I have a little djungle adventure going, set about 1900. I needed to make a djungle. Searched a little on the net and couldn't find anything that fitted more than palm trees, so I'm making my own djungle. Green paper, a pencil, scissors and a drinking straw for the plants. For the trees I bought two cheap plastic plants. I need to do more, but it's coming along. And Mr Butterbur is posing as a scale reference.