tisdag 26 april 2011


Were away for Easter and therefore no painting done. Picked some nettles and made soup. Very good and healthy. And, yes, I wore gloves when I picked them.

onsdag 20 april 2011


The yellow guys. Belong to Sir Gustafsson Ving (his first name hasn't survived the time, only that of his father Gustaf and that his sister married a German knight). Now this little dio will have to wait. I'll finish three more horses, but the rest of my time must go to that old "Out Shopping"-dio! :-(  Nah, more like this :-)!

A little update again

Okay, the stable got stairs on the outside and I DON'T like them! (Pics on the stairs and the parts to the balcony.) But I work on them. Hopefully finished some time after Easter. The two commandos has changed a little bringing more variety to the scene. Also finished my yellow knights, just three horses to finish now. Maybe can take pics of the knights later. Hmm, strange. There's a leg here. And Valter doesn't want his breakfast. Not hungry. Well, hope he's allright.

måndag 18 april 2011

Welcome Mekelnborg

Welcome to this little blog that, well, seems to be about everything right now. Thanks Paul, for telling me who the nwe follower was! Ooops, my keyboard is terrible at spelling. It's NEW, not nwe.

New follower?

Nine followers, but I can't see any of them. Why? Who is the new one here? Strange.

No painting this weekend :-D

Well, couldn't stay in. Picnic at an island a couple of kilometers from home. Stayed out all day. The first real spring day here. It was just beautiful! So no 1/72-pics today. And the red mug is not Valter's, it's the missus'.

torsdag 14 april 2011

More else stuff

A little more preview of my entry for the 20th Painting Competition. Well, since the competition is finished and won with a great entry from "The Observer" a long time ago there can't be any problems for me showing what would have been my entry if I've managed to finish in time. As it were only the figs were painted at the deadline. Changed a horse (unpainted yet) and added a drunk (must repaint) since then. Still haven't decided how I'll make the ground. Plaster as usual or sand or.... ? No problem, someday it maybe will be finished. Ah, and the commandos, won't use both and the one I use will carry a box or something.

måndag 11 april 2011

Something else

Okay, still working on my knights. Only the black wash on the armour and three horses to finish, but no pics yet on that yellow army. I am still working on my entry for the 20th painting competition at Benno's. Some people think I'm hopelessly after deadline, but where's life there's hope or something. The first building those that are visiting Bennos have already seen in my duel entry, here is the other building (the stable, it is not finished yet so I hope that Benno will prolong the deadline a little). The figs are already finished (more or less), but no pics yet. Think I'm going to call it "Out shopping" or something like that.

tisdag 5 april 2011


Well, not personally (maybe the tummy is getting a little bigger), but a new follower. Someone called FIGZ. Swedish dancebands usually ends with a Z, but they usually have double-names like Max-Gunnarz or something. This is a mystery. What did you say? I there a meeting with 1/72 figures called FIGZ? Where? In the Netherlands? Aha, could it be someone from, let me think of a Dutch town.... I only come up with one, Almelo. Welcome FIGZ, and if you are a danceband I want to hear you play, nah, just kidding. Don't play.

måndag 4 april 2011

A little more :-D

And a smiley, yes! Maybe going to be more positive in this blog, surely hope so. Welcome to Peter. And I've been very bad at welcoming my first followers (sorry for that and you gave me support when I needed it!) and I hope you won't be reading anything negative here again (I just had to let it out somewhere). Been painting my yellow troup a little more and starting to get some kind of order to it. Some of their enemys have already been showed here, but there will be more. Gaaah!!! It is enemies!!! Those that's not shown before are only primed just now so no use in showing a coupel of black and white figs. The cake that the cavalry are running away from is very good by the way, they should turn around! :-D