måndag 28 februari 2011

Some small updates

Had a painting session yesterday morning, but realised that this is not working. To have any time to relax (one way to relax is to paint) I get up 5.15 in the morning (Saturday or Sunday). And I sit anxious waiting for Valter (our dog) to want to go out or the missus asking for help. It is just a lot of stress trying to relax. Haven't given up yet, but when I finished my session yesterday I had given up. :-( Thought I only had the black wash left (and the feet of course) to do, but realised I had forgot to paint any belts. No big problem. The little bigger problem was that I've given three men-at-arms dressed horses. That won't do. Horses from other sets then and I've found some I can use. I'm also adding more infantry on both sides. And a casualty (needles can be harmful! Didn't find the right used guitar-string (G) this time.).

fredag 25 februari 2011

Popular or stalked?

Saw some statistics how people find their way to my work's homepage. And it is NOT a small place. 17000 hits came because they searched on my name and my hometown. How and why??? And they didn't even added nude or something. Strange.

onsdag 23 februari 2011

Made of money

Said at Benno's that it felt like I was made of money. Well, someone must think I am. As soon as I ordered my stuff our laundry machine died. Hooray! 5.000 SEK gone. Someone must think that me and the missus are made of money, but it ain't me and the missus. Sigh.

måndag 7 februari 2011

Still working

Soon finished with the charging figures for my "The Charge of Sir Ving"-orsomethinglikethat-dio. But I see now that I forgot to give the horses a blaze. Don't think all horses have a blaze, but I think my horses looks less boring that way. What is boring is painting reins and saddles so that will have to wait until next time. And for the opposing side I'll need to buy some Strelets and Miniart (it looks pretty boring with only Italeri and Revell-figs yet). :-D Haven't heard anything from Africa more than that he was very relieved when he had the money (talked to him right after he got them). Hopefully his daughter will get better. Sending some seeds today (he is a farmer and seeds are A LOT cheaper here). Soon finshed my Lärna-boys too (for something I think I'm going to call "Sir Trotte's Last Stand").

onsdag 2 februari 2011

Buying toys will have to wait

The missus and I have agreed that 500 SEK is enough to buy those small guys for each time I buy. And it really is. Yesterday we got a call. Background: The missus' sister was a lot in Senegal and made some friends there, especially two guys. One came over here as boyfriend and turned out to be an asshole and one stayed at home and was just a good friend and is a good man. When the missus' sister died 2007 we took over the contact. Back to now. Yesterday he called and told us that his little daughter got malaria. Don't know how malaria is in other parts of the world, but where he lives they usually die from it. So my toysoldier-money goes to Senegal this time. And we can only hope that she will get medication in time. Anyhow, they'll need the money.