måndag 28 februari 2011

Some small updates

Had a painting session yesterday morning, but realised that this is not working. To have any time to relax (one way to relax is to paint) I get up 5.15 in the morning (Saturday or Sunday). And I sit anxious waiting for Valter (our dog) to want to go out or the missus asking for help. It is just a lot of stress trying to relax. Haven't given up yet, but when I finished my session yesterday I had given up. :-( Thought I only had the black wash left (and the feet of course) to do, but realised I had forgot to paint any belts. No big problem. The little bigger problem was that I've given three men-at-arms dressed horses. That won't do. Horses from other sets then and I've found some I can use. I'm also adding more infantry on both sides. And a casualty (needles can be harmful! Didn't find the right used guitar-string (G) this time.).

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