onsdag 2 februari 2011

Buying toys will have to wait

The missus and I have agreed that 500 SEK is enough to buy those small guys for each time I buy. And it really is. Yesterday we got a call. Background: The missus' sister was a lot in Senegal and made some friends there, especially two guys. One came over here as boyfriend and turned out to be an asshole and one stayed at home and was just a good friend and is a good man. When the missus' sister died 2007 we took over the contact. Back to now. Yesterday he called and told us that his little daughter got malaria. Don't know how malaria is in other parts of the world, but where he lives they usually die from it. So my toysoldier-money goes to Senegal this time. And we can only hope that she will get medication in time. Anyhow, they'll need the money.

3 kommentarer:

  1. That´s very kind of you mate.

  2. Never thought that this could be a scam, but it can. Not that much money though. :-D And if I accidently paint all the figs I have before I'll get new money for buying new figs (which won't happen) then I'll just wait a while. :-D

  3. Your a good man mate,and I hope it all works out for the better.

    Cheers Rich.