måndag 7 februari 2011

Still working

Soon finished with the charging figures for my "The Charge of Sir Ving"-orsomethinglikethat-dio. But I see now that I forgot to give the horses a blaze. Don't think all horses have a blaze, but I think my horses looks less boring that way. What is boring is painting reins and saddles so that will have to wait until next time. And for the opposing side I'll need to buy some Strelets and Miniart (it looks pretty boring with only Italeri and Revell-figs yet). :-D Haven't heard anything from Africa more than that he was very relieved when he had the money (talked to him right after he got them). Hopefully his daughter will get better. Sending some seeds today (he is a farmer and seeds are A LOT cheaper here). Soon finshed my Lärna-boys too (for something I think I'm going to call "Sir Trotte's Last Stand").

4 kommentarer:

  1. They look good...I like the yellow.

  2. The heraldry looks great. All hand painted?

  3. Thanks. Handpainted. Ain't no good at printing those decals and flags. No printer at home and try to fix the size and print at work? Nah, I'll paint. That's why I chose easy-to-paint heraldry. :-D

  4. Very nice job with the heraldry since it's hand painted!A steadier hand than mine.

    Cheers Rich.