tisdag 2 september 2014

When I went to a plastic party

Many years ago me and some friends were in Stockholm to watch a show with a pretty big Swedish comedian. After the show we felt that a beer would be nice. We found a place at some back street. They had nice beer, some ordinary people as customers, but if you put your glass on the table it got stuck! Everything looked allright, but the tables were so dirty they were sticky. Yuck. Anyway, we had our beer and heard that there was a party downstairs (in the basement). Free entry. We heard someone mention plastic party, but didn't think much of it. We had all heard of Tupperwear parties. Well, this was quite different! Some people were dressed like us, just ordinary blokes, some were dressed in plastic and rubber, some were not dressed at all. We all felt pretty akward, but everybody was nice and realised that we didn't really belong there so they just talked to us and were nice. After that I am a little cautious when I hear the word plastic party. :-) Just a little story while you wait for something paint related to appear here.

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