måndag 2 januari 2012

Report from X-mas and New Year (but no figures)

Shared the holidays with the missus mother and brother 2 hours north from my town. An area known for having a lot of snow (not very great with the missus' wheelchair). We took a pretty long walk with the dogs on the 23rd and this is how it looked then.

In the evening we put up some Christmas stuff (in Sweden, for some strange reason, we celebrate Christmas Eve instead of Christmas Day. Don't know why, it's just something that is).

And our first REAL christmas tree for years. Both the missus and me realised that we haven't had a real christmas tree since the early 80s. Our parents were practical and bought plastic ones, but now it is back to the real stuff!

White Christmas? This is how it looked on Christmas Eve!

We went shopping, but since I was the dog-walker I didn't enter any shop! :-D Instead I played tourist with the dogs! We found a little canyon. Pretty deep and with a creek at the bottom so I didn't try to go down and to the other side.

But it was very close to the local school so probably does the children play a lot there. I would have, I know!

On New Years Eve I took a walk in the forest with Valter (his friend, Dogge, was playing with another dog). This is the road. It was a little adventure to walk on it.

Full of ice! But it didn't get better when we left the road! I didn't get a bath in the little stream on the side of the path, but it was close.

Went home on New Years Day and just when we started it started to snow!

And home! Can't somebody play with Valter? No problem! I played with him. He met two friends yesterday, three friends this morning. Got a date this evening. And plan some more dates for him. :-D

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  1. Christmas and snow!!!
    that's really nice! (better than rain!)
    ... but no figures???????? I am disappointed..

    Happy New Year Gunnar!! I wish you happiness in your life and many many painted figures!