måndag 21 november 2011

Some progress

Painting the riders. Not satisfied with the chief. Going to do a little research on his headgear. Going slow, but forward.

Cut off the bases and finished all the figures that had a base. Right now it looks like after the battle, but it will look better when I'm finished. :-D

3 kommentarer:

  1. Looks good so far Gunnar! Don't forget their warpaint ;-)


  2. It will be good, I think.... some work to do on the skin and, as Peter said: warpaint!
    For the riders on the bottle caps, what did you use? candle wax ? ... maybe the needle in a cork plug is better ? (a needle, but no damage done!)
    I'm ready for the next steps! Go on!

  3. Woodglue on the bottlecaps. Cork plug? Sorry, don't drink enough wine. More beer so bottle caps are easy to get a lot of. Corks are maybe three or four in a year. Thanks for the comments.