måndag 28 november 2011

Warpaint on

Put warpaint on. Happy with the faces not so happy with the bodies. Found some pics on the net, but forgot where so painted from memory. Also, only two horses and six figures to glue on the base. :-D

Started to collect corks. Shared a bottle of wine Saturday and saved the cork. Already have plenty of needles.

5 kommentarer:

  1. looks good Gunnar! Very difficult to paint such small details! maybe too much war-paint ? for the cork, you can cut it in 2 parts.... and you will have 2 corks!!!! (it's what I do!) I can send you some bottle-corks!!

  2. Yes, it looks a bit too much. I planned to cut the cork in half to get two. :-D Maybe I will have to do the VERY hard work to share another bottle of wine with some friends. :-D We have a lot of bottles, but we tend to forget to open them.

  3. I can't drink a lot of alcohol now (a bloody disease..) but in France, we can buy unused corks!
    they are better!
    for the Indians, did you plan to re-do some paint?
    (easy! you paint all in black and you re-do: skin and war-paint! (joking mode!) )

  4. We don't drink that much either, same reason. Can't be drunk when I take care of the missus. We are usually four on one bottle of wine so it's one glass of wine for a dinner. Maybe I can buy unused corks here too. Haven't checked. Yes, I'm going to re-do the skin. Not all of it, but some of it.

  5. I see you made some progress on the wine, I mean the figures! Can't wait to see them finished and on the base.