måndag 14 november 2011

A little (well, not so little) update.

At first I was going to call this "Horses for courses II", but this title is better. Saturday I painted a little more on my Indian horses. Waterloo1815 are really a great joy to paint and I felt very happy with what i had done. I thought I could see a finished dio somewhere in the future and really was happy. Here is a pic taken Saturday morning.

And I thought next step would be blankets and then paint a little more next weekend. Saturday night a neighbour had a party (we wasn't there, we are just neighbours). Valter slept all night, the missus managed to fall asleep when the party ended at four Sunday morning. I didn't get any sleep at all so I finished my horses. Next step is to remove the bases and do some more work on the riders.

4 kommentarer:

  1. looks good Gunnar! good choice of colours for the horses.... Go on! it's on the good way!

  2. Well, at a horse race track they sometimes call it a race course, so, there's where the courses part came from, but what they mean, umm.

    I thought from context sometimes that it matches the idea of another saying, to each, his own, and that would have to do with everyone having their own individual tastes in things.

    Like certain horses run better on different race courses, or surfaces, whether it is dry or muddy, etc.

    I started on the same horses last June but have not gotten much further on mine because I keep going on to many other projects. When I run out of time before work I set it aside and end up picking up something else later.

    I like the way you are doing the pinto look, and may try that on mine, some undisclosed time later.

  3. Oh no, mine are not the same, because mine are the Imex ones.

  4. Thanks for the comments. I mix Waterloo1815 and Imex here so some are the same.