måndag 3 oktober 2011

Update without photos :-(

Did a little more than picking even more mushrooms. Managed to paint two bases, one to the Wild West dio and one to my VERY secret project. And they look almost the same at the moment, that's the reason I won't take any photos of them yet. The secret project should be finished this year (I work very fast don't I? ;-D) and the Wild West dio some time after. Talked with the missus about my missing indians and she said it was much better to order new ones, so I did. Hopefully Harfield's still got them. And also ordered the Waterloo 1815 sioux and some Vikings from Emhar, Gallic Charriot with Warrior Queen from Hat and Vlad Tzepes from Lucky Toys.

2 kommentarer:

  1. This post has given me the inspiration to have my Emhar/Imex Vikings run into the Eastern, and Western Indians and even Mound building culture people; no pictures were needed for that and would only have prevented my imagination from making its own. Thanks for the good idea.