måndag 17 september 2012

Some finished figures

Many many projects at the same time! First some people for a restaurant scene. The scene have been shown before, but here are some more people for it. Don't know if the green dress is finished, maybe add some white dots on it.

The monk is probably going to another project! Also working on figures for a little scene at a royal court. Just have to buy Valdemar's "Knightly life" first.

And here is a little picture on the figures I am working on right now. No Lakotas! Sorry about that, hope to get to them in the future.

Some are for that court-scene, some are for the magic lute story (that 'Party in the woods' is a part of) and some are for something else! :-D

I finished my Italeri-house! Haven't glued it yet, but not going to paint more on it! We will see if it turns up in any post in the future.

Some years ago I bought a Cut-and-assemle castle from Usborne or Dover (don't remember which). It is pretty big and never finished more than this. Should have put it on cardboard, but now it is like it is! A little small for Valdemar figures, other than that it fits pretty nice with them!

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  1. I stopped by because I heard that there was another painter who is also a drummer like me. I've been playing for over 30 years and am married to my guitar player. We play mostly original compositions and all instrumental.

    I've only been painting for about four months and I am loving the hobby.

    These are some nice figures you have here. The colors are lovely.

    Nice meeting you,

  2. Welcome Anne! First! Sorry, but drums is one of the instruments I don't play. Guitar, bass, some keyboards, lousy harmonica and out-of-tune-singing is what I've done, but noone let me get near the drums. :-D

  3. very nice work and figures, Gunnar!
    The house looks very good!
    The paper-card Castle is a good one: it could be a nice setting for a medieval scene.

  4. Thanks! The castle is quite big so I need many figures, but I don't think that is a problem since we have Valdemar! :-D

  5. All figures look real nice! The house to, and that castle is awesome. Looking forward what you will do with it!