måndag 27 augusti 2012

Dead Giant Template

Was at the toystore/hobbyshop the other day and saw something called "Games Workshop Dead Giant Template". No idea what it was, but it was cheap (19 SEK). :-D Totally transparent so I decided to paint him. Tried with acrylics first, nope, they wouldn't stay on. Then I covered him in Humbrol Enamel 98 (Chocolate Brown) (the only enamel I have in the apartement) and let it dry.

Looks like a very rude thing sticking out from his trousers, but it is a human arm! Around him you can see figures for my restarant scene that I'm working on. It was good to cover him in paint! That way it was much easier to see the details better. He's got some human arms sticking out from under him and it was pretty fun to paint him. He's not finished yet.

1 kommentar:

  1. Nice fun project, and I can see you still have to do some work on him! Looking forward to see him finished!