onsdag 1 december 2010

Blomma on adventure

I have plans for the Dead Flowers guy! He's not going to Gata Forest. He's going to a feast at the court of the king of the mountain! He and his freinds plan to raid the trolls' cave but they are tricky and pretend to be friends to the trolls and feast with them. To-do-list: Paint the trolls in another colour! Give them tails!!! Dig up some troll guards! Try to find that missing plate! Paint the humans! Paint the chairs and tables in different colour? Make a base. Make dancers of a troll and a hobgoblin and three of the humans (among them Blomma). Why not in a competition? Don't want a deadline with this one. Manufacturers? Troll-king and furniture: Prince August Mithril-range, Dancing troll and hobgoblin: Prince August fantasy-range, humans at the table: Emhar Viking Oarsmen, Blomma and human dancers: Airfix Robin Hood, Troll-musicians: Games Workshop. Can't help it, but Blomma sounds very very gay in Swedish. :-D

2 kommentarer:

  1. Couldn't find any missing plate and have no idea how many there should be. But I found another chair.

  2. very nice mate,I really like the table and chairs.