måndag 2 maj 2011


Yesterday I called a friend who's got two boxers and asked if he wanted to walk with me and Valter. Nah, it was an important meeting so Wednesday would be fine. Okay. The missus joined instead. We walked 90 minutes with a speed of about 6-7 km/h. Not possible to try to slow either Valter or the missus on her electric moped down. And when we were almost home my cellphone rang. It was that friend. It wasn't going to be a meeting and Valter heard who it was. So after I followed the missus homed and moved her to her ordinary wheelchair I went out for another 90 minutes. And cold it was too. But Valter was happy. Today it's only long day at work and just a 60 minutes walk when I come home at 1930. Well I get to see a lot of this part of town. :-D And fresh air!

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  1. But did you remember count the paces?

    The books all say to try for 10,000 paces a day. If not try again! Did the dogs all get along okay?