måndag 26 september 2011

At work again

Been playing a little with a little US Cavalry scene I'm going to make. Lots of work left to do and I can't reach my native americans (Imex Sioux) at the moment (two meters up and ther's no room for a ladder on the floor) so they must have to wait a little. And somewhere outside the pic is a secret project! :-D

This guy is almost finished.

But there was other things done during this weekend. We visited the missus cousin and went out in the forest and found some mushrooms. :-D

These chanterelles were picked by the missus brother, but he gave them to us. He's got better forest than we do where he lives so he can pick more.

And this is how tired Valter was after running in the forest with a boxer pal (the missus brother has a white boxer).

3 kommentarer:

  1. I first thought Valter had eaten from the mushrooms. Luckely he was just tired!

    Can't wait to see your cavalry finished Gunnar!


  2. Yes, I 'm glad Valter is all right.

    It must be very hard work to collect enough bottlecaps for this method.

  3. Hard work drinking all those bottles just to get the caps! :-D Ssshhh, I re-use them. And the mushrooms are very good!