måndag 19 december 2011

More Mithril

Dug a little in the cellar and found some elves from Prince August's Mithril range. First! Why are they green? Are they seasick? Yes! No, at the time there was paint called fantasy-paint, just the same as Humbrol acrylics, but with names instead of numbers. So these elves are painted with a colour called "elf skin", the humbrol number I don't remember. Orcs are painted with the colour "orc skin" which is the same as Humbrol 5030.

First a couple of elves on a raft in the Mirkwood (not Lothlorien! These are from the Hobbit-range, I think at least).

Then Glorfindel. An elf I would have liked to see in Bakshi's Lord of the Rings-movie back in the late 70s and I was very disapointed when they had Legolas instead. So here he is, Glorfindel! :-D

Elrond, reading from a book. Not very comfortable way to read a book. I would recommend a cozy chair!

And, last, but not least, a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS from the Great Goblin.

2 kommentarer:

  1. They are "fantastic"!
    Is the painting so old???
    it will be a good idea to repaint them, no?

  2. Repaint them? No, I have more urgent things to paint. If I had a lot of time and a lot of space then I would repaint them and give them bases, but don't have much time nor much space so I stick to our beloved 1/72 and let these figures rest in the cellar. Sometime I will disturbe the peace and wake up a couple of them to show here, but repainting them takes too much time. And the painting is almost ancient (from the mid to late 80s).