måndag 5 december 2011

New warpaint!

Painted over the old warpaint yesterday.

You can also see the base for my next project. Managed to make some new warpaint on them and this will have to do.

Started to do a little on the next project. Couldn't find that Airfix-antelope, though. Only some sheep and pigs from Airfix and they will not fit in this little dio.

5 kommentarer:

  1. !!!! so you re-painted all the skins???? looks better... how many figures will you paint exactly?

    For the antelope: hard to find because the set with the animals is very very rare... I didn't find another set with this kind of animal...

  2. For this dio I've painted six soldiers and five indians so it is almost finished. :-D Pity about that antelope, I'm pretty sure I have it somewhere, but don't have time to look everywhere. First I was going to call this new project Wimoweh, with two men on a antelope hunt and a lion behind them. Can still use the lion and the men, but maybe some of Pegasus sheep and the men trying to protect the sheep. Have some Airfix sheep, but I'm going to let them sleep the eternal sleep.

  3. If there is a lion chasing them they will completely forget about the antelope for the moment. There are mountain lions in that part of the world, but they look different than the well-known African type.

  4. The new base and the lion has nothing to do with the indians. Sorry for confusing everybody. Well, found Airfix Zoo-set on the net! But 40€ seems a little tiny bit very expensive so I ordered some Preiser-sets today and we will see which one I will use. The lion is the one from the Tarzan set.

  5. Looking good Gunnar! Can't wait to see the progress!