onsdag 27 oktober 2010

Finding historic persons that fought in the battle

The three kings (and I haven't told anything about the background, it's all hidden in an old thread at Bennosfigures, maybe I'll do that someday) were easy to find and some of the leading knights on the Swedish/German side. But all the noble casualties I've found different stories about. Some sources say they died in the battle, other say they died years before the battle. All that seems clear is that King Håkon of Norway got wounded, King Magnus of Sweden got captured and King Albrecht (also of Sweden) won the battle. Maybe the noble casualties families didn't like that their relatives died on the losing side so they made up the death date. Sweden lost all the archives during a fire late 1690s so it could have been that way. One historic figure I found was the German knight (described as a bad person) Luder Svinakula (=Whore Pigstie). To good to be true, but it seems he was a historic person and came to Sweden 1400.

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