onsdag 27 oktober 2010

The charge of Sir Benkt

Some people have already seen these figs unpainted more or less. Now they are more or less painted. This is planned to be a part of the battle at Gata Forest, but since I made up the coat-of-arms myself I haven't decided which side Sir Benkt should be on.There where many Swedish knights on the German side and if he is one of them I have to put some peasants in the ranks.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Peasants in the ranks??. Then it wil have to be the Airfix bods...best set of peasants goingand they will fit with your front line in the pic.

  2. Airfix will be more than casualties, but unfortunately there are not as many profile poses as I want so some Strelets will enter the ranks (got some, but will have to buy their Medieval Levy 2) and some Zvezda (one or two). And now I've decided, Sir Benkt is on the German side. :-D (I think)